March 2013

Retail’s New Industrial Revolution

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By Doug Stephens Earlier this year while at the National Retail Federation Conference in New York, I listened to Walmart U.S. President Bill Simon talk at length about how retail was still a great career for young people to embark on.  He reflected on his own career path, and that he put himself through college …

The Real Competition Isn’t Your Competitors

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By Doug Stephens In the old age of business the goal for most companies was continuous improvement. The idea was to keep the engines of innovation slowly and steadily humming along, improving what the company did a little more with each passing day.  Typically, improvement was both incremental and vertically benchmarked –measured almost entirely against …

The Perils of Surveying the Unknown

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By Doug Stephens For years my parents lived without air conditioning in their home or cars.  That seems almost unbelievable today, but they did so because they simply didn’t see the value in it.   And they weren’t alone.  In fact, this sort of latency of adoption applied to many things we take for granted today.  …

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