When Walmart, Google and BMW wanted to understand the future of retail they, like dozens of other Fortune 500 companies called on Doug Stephens. As one of the world’s most sought after retail speakers, Doug offers an ever-evolving array of cutting edge and compelling topics, suitable for any business audience. Every keynote is crafted to be extremely entertaining, visually rich, enlightening and specifically relevant to each and every group. Your audience will not forget this.

  • An outstanding discussion this morning. Best executive series I've attended. Thank you for sharing.

    SVP, Global Processes at Walmart, Inc
  • I just wanted to share with you that the feedback I got from Intel is that Doug was fantastic! It was clear that the extensive amount of time he spent on the phone with them, and in his own research and preparation, made a real difference. They found the engaging, upbeat nature of Doug's talk and content to be the perfect close for this weary group of conference-goers.

    Executive Speaker's Bureau for Intel
  • Your contribution to our conference was immeasurable and by far the most well received presentation.

    Content Manager, Reed Exhibitions, Australia
  • You did an excellent presentation, and one of my colleagues said you were the best futurist he's seen...high praise since many of us see a lot of sessions and speakers!

    Director of Education, Food Marketing Institute
  • “I felt that was the most compelling presentation by far, (maybe the most compelling I’ve ever seen at a marketing conference).”

    Conference Attendee
  • “One of the best presentations I've ever seen at a conference.”

    Conference Attendee
  • “Doug was fantastic.  Best speaker of the conference and the perfect kick off.”

    Conference Attendee
  • “You were absolutely terrific today - 10/10, and one of the best presentations I’ve heard on this topic ever. Well done!”

    Conference Attendee

The Future of Consumerism

In this fascinating talk, Doug Stephens tackles the future of consumerism. He sheds light on the key shifts in economics, demographics, technology, and media that are completely transforming the consumer landscape, and the very essence of how we buy. 

Who the consumer is, in addition to how, where, and even why they shop, is changing rapidly and forever. The way our stores look—and how we interact with them—are constantly in flux. Mobile technology, social commerce, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual reality, big data, and a deluge of developing technologies are all conspiring to forever change how we buy. How do we cope with all these transformations? Doug shares what smart brands are doing today to re-imagine their businesses and capitalize on these historic changes.

The Future of the Retail Store

Are we witnessing the death of the retail store or its astonishing rebirth and the beginning of the true Golden Age of retailing? It’s a topic of ongoing and passionate debate. One thing is certain, the store of the future will be vastly different. In this fascinating talk, Doug Stephens will show you the store of the future, from staffing and store design to technology and marketing – and how each will change dramatically in the months and years ahead. You’ll gain the vital insights you need today, to design the store of tomorrow.

The Future Of Brands In A One-Touch World

Only a short time ago, the value that brands provided to consumers was chiefly two things – familiarity and consistency. Amid a field of unknown and untrusted alternatives, a familiar brand logo, jingle or tag line provided the much-needed cognitive shorthand to help shoppers confidently choose. All this has changed forever. With a couple of taps of their smartphone consumers can confidently gather an immediate understanding of product and service alternatives available to them in the moment. Consequently, our reliance on brands to be beacons of familiarity and predictability is sharply declining. So, what do consumers expect from the brands they choose? In this insightful talk, Doug will share the new imperatives for generating brand awareness, growth and sustainability, with global examples of the businesses that are already playing and winning by a new set of rules.

Remarkable Innovation: Lessons From the Worlds Most Innovative Companies

In a world where mediocre will no longer cut it, how exactly do the best brands innovate to create uncontested market space? More importantly, what pitfalls do the most innovative companies avoid that others succumb to? Referencing years of research, The Road to Remarkable examines the surprising links between the world’s most innovative businesses and provides actionable ideas and steps to emulate their success. It’s an uplifting and mind-expanding peek into the realm of radical innovation and strategy.

5 Coming Crises In The Retail Market

If you’re a retailer, you may not be sleeping very well these days and that’s understandable. Tectonic shifts in demographics, economics, technology and media all seem to be conspiring against traditional retail business models and paradigms. Big brands are closing stores, malls are shuttering and consumer spending is increasingly going online, laying waste to power centers and main street merchants alike. But while all of this is true, it is also a time of unique opportunity to reimagine, reinvent and reinvigorate one’s retail business.

In this riveting talk, Doug Stephens takes you through the short-list of what he sees as being the category five hurricanes poised to hit the retail industry over the coming decade. You’ll find out what’s driving these phenomena and what their potential impact will be to your business. Most importantly, you’ll learn how smart, forward-looking brands, CPG’s and retailers are already capitalizing on the opportunities these trends hold.

The End Of The Beginning Of Ecommerce

Global ecommerce, now approximately 2 trillion dollars, is growing at a double-digit pace. The question on the minds of many in the retail market, especially brick and mortar retailers is when will ecommerce top out? When will we reach a point of maturity where online penetration can’t get much higher and operating costs can’t get much lower? In other words, has the majority of the online shopping potential already been realized or is there more to come?

In this highly visual talk Doug takes you on a journey into the future to look at the systems, technologies and consumer behaviors that point to a new chapter in online shopping. You’ll see, first-hand, the emerging trends that promise continued and exponential growth in ecommerce and a merging of our physical and digital consumer worlds.

Big Data and the Retail Revolution

While the sheer volume and velocity of data is definitely astonishing, what’s even more compelling is our growing capacity to gather, analyze and make sense of it all. From social media streams, videos and reviews to weather, traffic and machine to machine communication, each day a virtual universe of data is being created. Smart brands are honing their understanding of that data and its potential impact on every aspect of their customer’s experience with their brand. Big Data and the Retail Revolution will provide a glimpse into the future of retail by examining this new and amazing data deluge and how pioneering brands around the world are turning it into a new world of opportunity.

Community Center: The Role of Retail as the New Town Square

Our lives are rapidly becoming more tethered to technology.  Algorithms dictate more of our consumer behaviour and ecommerce is steadily reducing our dependency on physical stores.  But despite all of this, our deeper needs as social beings remain.  In this fast-paced talk Doug will take your group on a remarkable examination of the cultural and social roots of shopping and the transformation smart retailers are making to turn their stores into beloved gathering points and hearts of their communities.

The Shopping Center of the Future

The days of the ten-year lease, static rosters of mall tenants and percentage-of-sales lease rates will soon be a distant memory. The entire concept of what a “shopping center” is, is evolving rapidly, and with it the demands on real estate developers and property management are changing too. Pop-up, virtual, omni-channel, mobile, offline analytics and collective store spaces, along with changes in demographics are challenging age-old paradigms around what a mall is, where it’s located and how its success is measured. In this talk, Doug Stephens paints a picture of the shopping center of tomorrow and shares the critical new perspective required to succeed in this radically different retail reality.

All topics can be presented as keynotes, workshops or webinars.