February 2013

Faster, Better But Above All Cheaper


By Doug Stephens I came across this article today, examining the debate over whether Apple should create a line of cheap iPhones.  It seems Bank of America/Merrill Lynch authored a report that comes down soundly in favor of such a move. Apple they say, should make cheaper iPhones for “emerging markets and budget-conscious consumers”. Once …

The Future of The Retail Store

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By Doug Stephens Retail is dead! At least, that’s how Marc Andreessen sees it.  The entrepreneur and tech investor was recently quoted saying that all physical retail stores will die, succumbing eventually to the vast sea of online competition.  According to Andreessen, there will be one way to shop for everything and that way will …

Canada AM

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Innovation Needs Adversity

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Why The Best Brands Give Customers What They Hate

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By Doug Stephens Human beings are fundamentally resistant to change.  Most of us would be happy carrying on with an as-is world that is largely free of disruption, and some of us are downright militant about preserving the status quo.  Humans hate change…period. So why is it that the strongest brands seem intent on heaping …

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