January 2013

The Big Shout Out To My Friend, Mentor and Hero Paul


My friend Ron Tite has invoked us all to consider, and give a shout out to the remarkable people in our lives who’ve made a difference.  Those who’ve helped us not only become who we are but also become better people than we might have otherwise become without their influence.  Our mentors. On occasion, we …

What If Retail Is Wrong?

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By Doug Stephens Our entire concept of retail is predicated on one very simple series of paradigms; manufacturers make things, that are parceled out in smaller lots to retailers who then sell them (be it online or offline) to consumers who accept the manufacturer’s product and the retailer’s price and terms with no questions asked. …

The Next Consumer Revolution: Printable Products

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By Doug Stephens In 2003, while the music industry was threatening and suing over digital downloading and file sharing, Apple quietly launched iTunes and forever revolutionized the way we consume music.  Today the idea of buying 10 songs on a disc, only to get the one song you really like seems almost ridiculous.  One short …

Fresh Air with Mary Ito: Shopping 101

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What If Best Buy Charged Admission?

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By Doug Stephens O.K., suspend your disbelief just for a moment and hear me out… In 1999, Joe Pine and James Gilmore, authors of The Experience Economy predicted that we were entering an era where intense commoditization of goods left retailers with only one alternative – the need to design and stage unique and memorable …

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