November 2009

Black Friday Results: You Can’t Take Traffic to the Bank


Almost every news item surrounding this year’s Black Friday shopping ritual focused purely on store traffic and consumer turnout. The media was consumed with stories of which retailers had the biggest line-ups of overnight campers. News-wires were humming with up-to-the-minute reports and video of consumers sprinting through stores to get their hands on blow-out bargains. …

6 Reasons Why Twitter Makes You a Better Marketer

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By Doug Stephens There are many reasons why retailers should be incorporating Twitter into their marketing mix. One important thing that no one seems to be talking about, however, is that using Twitter to market your business will make you an infinitely better marketer. I know this may seem counter-intuitive given Twitter’s micro-blog format—which to …

Is The Home Depot Selling the Farm… One Parking Lot at a Time?

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By Doug Stephens You know business is tough when you have to sell off parts of your parking lot to make your revenue numbers.  However, news out of Atlanta suggests that’s exactly what home improvement giant, The Home Depot intends to do. Saddled with too much asphalt and too few customers, the one-time retail juggernaut …

The Future of Retail Is NOW

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In 1998 Wired published an article authored by the now famous Nicholas Negroponte, called The Future of Retail. I recently re-read it to determine how many of the prognostications have actually been realized these eleven years later.

Apple Lends A Little Magic to Disney

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Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs recently assisted Disney with the plans for a chain-wide overhaul of their 340 retail stores. While we mere mortals could never dream of engaging the help of someone like Steve Jobs, there are some valuable lessons that we can take from this. Lessons that are transferable to any size of retail operation.

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