October 2009

Retailing in High Fidelity


As consumers we are continually making trades, concessions and compromises in the quest to satisfy our needs and wants. It’s a never ending battle between experiences based on convenience versus those based in rich experience. For retailers the key is being one or the other.

3 Reasons Retailers Should NOT Use Social Media

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If you believe a lot of what you see and hear about social media, you’d be left with the impression that it’s something you can venture into free of costs and improvise as you go. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite all the reasons that retailers should be considering social media, there are a few legitimate reasons that they might want to hold off at least temporarily.

The 3 Worst Excuses for Retailers NOT Using Social Media

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By Doug Stephens Despite the continued momentum of social media, some retailers are still ambivalent about embarking on their own program.  We’ve noticed some recurring  excuses for holding off.  Here, in no particular order,  are our top  three worst excuses for NOT engaging in social media now . Excuse #1. “We don’t want everyone in …

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