November 2012

Selling Your Soul…One Price Match At A Time

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By Doug Stephens Barely a day goes by without at least a story or two about how online retailers are eating their brick and mortar counterpart’s lunches.  Showrooming consumers are giving retailers fits. Physical retail stores are playing host to an increasing contingent of shoppers who are using their stores as touchy-feely galleries only to …

The End of Marketing

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By Doug Stephens Imagine a world without marketing.  No really… imagine a world where no one tries to sell you anything.  Not because they don’t want to but because attempting to do so would be a fruitless waste of time and money.  A world where there is just one trusted voice capable of penetrating your …

Cool or Creepy?

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By Doug Stephens I saw a tweet last week that caught my attention.  It linked to an article that outlined a new line of retail store signage equipped with anonymous facial recognition software –  software that detects the facial characteristics of the person standing in front of it, determines their gender and age and serves …

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