October 2010

Why Apple Will Dominate Location Based Marketing

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At this point any headline touting Apple dominance is almost a declaration of the obvious but when it comes to location based marketing, the reasons for such a bold statement may not be readily evident. This week Apple announced it will be launching  its own check-in service that integrates with existing in-store customer service applications.  …

Ideas Run Faster Than Money

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By Doug Stephens If you saw the movie The Social Network, then you may remember the scene where Mark Zuckerberg’s character, says to his business partner, that the reason people join Facebook is because it’s cool.  He insists that by allowing advertising, Facebook would lose its appeal. The decision to ignore the lure of quick …

Holiday Retail Sales: Why Prognostication Breeds Procrastination

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By Doug Stephens It’s that time of year again…prognostication time.  The time when retail industry experts far and wide weigh in with their respective projections for sales for the upcoming holiday season.  For my part, I’m sitting this one out. I’ve resolved to stay silent this year, largely because I don’t think it really matters …

Mobile Apps: “We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges”

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By Doug Stephens If marketing research has taught us anything at all, it’s that consumers despise being manipulated – at least knowingly manipulated.  As humans we prefer not to be cajoled into working for unclear results or rewards.  So, why then have so many retailers defaulted to employing mobile applications that essentially treat consumers like …

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