The Future Is Bright

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Little did we know, when we started Retail Prophet seven years ago, that we would be on the cusp of a retail revolution! Thanks so much to all our clients, partners and readers who have let Retail Prophet be part of their future. The best is yet to come! Doug

The Retail Revival Has Begun!


I’m happy to let you know that my new book, the Retail Revival: Reimagining Business For The New Age of Consumerism is now available for pre-order.   You can get it here: Wiley Amazon  Barnes & Noble Synopsis:   The Retail Revival documents the rise of an incredible new era of consumerism leading to a …

There’s No Room for Revolutionaries on Wall Street

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By Doug Stephens Several months ago, JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson and his newly formed executive team  made some significant changes to the pricing and promotional structure for the chain.  These changes almost immediately met with speculation from investors, anger from customers and second guessing by the market.  Ultimately, Penney’s President Michael Francis became the …

Victoria’s (and the garment industry’s) Secret

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Doug Stephens Consumers are placing far more emphasis on corporate compassion and social responsibility as key drivers in their brand choices.  Yet some brands continue to engage in industry practices that seem to fly in the face of these values.  The Tampa Bay Tribune broke a story today involving what seems to be a policy …

PlayBook gets subdued retail launch

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Via Computerworld By Matt Hamblen Nobody expects the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to sell as well as the iPad 2. Still, Research In Motion seems to have taken an especially measured approach with its PlayBook launch, which started Tuesday in stores such as Best Buy and Radio Shack. All along, analysts have predicted that RIM would mainly …

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