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Why Retail Is Getting “Experience” Wrong

Posted February 17, 2017
Posted in Blog, Customer Service, Shopper Marketing, Store Experience, Technology

By Doug Stephens   Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once said: “Design is a funny word. Some people think that design means how it looks. But of course if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”   That central belief …


The Future of Retail: A New Year’s Revolution

Posted December 30, 2016
Posted in Blog, Store Experience, Strategy, Technology, The Future, Trends

By Doug Stephens   Like individuals, retail companies tend to approach each new year by making resolutions to improve their performance. Among other things, these might include incremental improvements in supply chain efficiency, omnichannel capabilities, or perhaps enhancements to customer …


Sears Turns Over A New Old Leaf

Posted September 20, 2016
Posted in Blog, Strategy

    By Doug Stephens In a move that has taken analysts and investors completely by surprise, Sears Holdings announced that it will be embarking on bold “new” retail strategy, one that represents a complete change of course for the …


Creativity: The Final Competitive Advantage

Posted June 28, 2016
Posted in Blog, Innovation, Strategy, Trends

  By Doug Stephens   Right now your company is very likely sitting on a corporate asset of immeasurable value. It’s more precious than all the equipment, machinery and buildings you own.   It’s a tool so powerful it could …


The Future Of Retail And The Offline Escape

Posted April 15, 2016
Posted in Blog, Internet Of Things, Marketing, Store Experience, Strategy, Technology, The Future, Trends

By Doug Stephens   In July of 2015 the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival hit a milestone. Sales exceeded $84.25 million with 198,000 tickets sold – a record for the event that’s only been in existence since 1999. Attendance …