There’s no such thing as being fashionably late for your future.

About Us

We are one of the world’s foremost retail industry consultancies. Our intellectual work and thinking have influenced many of the world’s best-known retailers, agencies and brands.


As one of the world’s most sought after retail speakers, Doug offers an ever-evolving array of cutting edge and compelling topics, suitable for any business audience.

Advisory Services

Retail Prophet advises some of the world’s most respected brands in the exploration, imagination and articulation of cutting edge strategies.

Reengineering Retail

“Doug Stephens sounds the alarm for brick-and-mortar retailers; those who do not heed his advice do so at their own peril. Reengineering Retail is a survival guide for those navigating a sea change in physical retail.”

MARK TORO North American Properties - Atlanta, Ltd.

The Retail Revival

“The Retail Revival captures in sharp detail the deep and unprecedented changes driving new consumer behaviors and values. More importantly, it offers clear guidance to brands and retailers seeking to adapt and evolve to meet entirely new market inperatives for success.”

JOHN GERZEMA Author of Spend Shift & The Athena Doctrine

A Few of Our Clients

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