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Creativity: The Final Competitive Advantage

Posted June 28, 2016
Posted in Blog, Innovation, Strategy, Trends

  By Doug Stephens   Right now your company is very likely sitting on a corporate asset of immeasurable value. It’s more precious than all the equipment, machinery and buildings you own.   It’s a tool so powerful it could …


The Near Future Of Ecommerce

Posted April 15, 2014
Posted in Blog, ecommerce, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Strategy, Technology, The Future, Trends

By Doug Stephens   Last Cyber Monday, Amazon was logging sales at the dizzying rate of 426 transactions per second – a 39 percent increase over the same day a year earlier. Also in 2013, global e-commerce became a 1.2 …


Shared Interests: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

Posted November 26, 2013
Posted in Blog, Social Media, Strategy, Strategy, Technology, The Future, Trends

By Doug Stephens Believe it or not, the average power drill is used for a total of 15 minutes over the course of its lifetime.  And that’s not unusual.  Our cars, many household items and even our homes spend much …


The End of The Beginning Of Ecommerce

Posted September 19, 2013
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By Doug Stephens Global ecommerce is set to top 1.2 trillion dollars this year.  And if that doesn’t seem astonishing, then consider that the figure represents a 19 percent increase over 2012 levels.  This, while brick and mortar retail slogs …


5 Immutable Laws of Social Marketing

Posted July 11, 2013
Posted in Advertising, Blog, Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Strategy, The Future, Trends

By Doug Stephens 1. If your brand sucked before Facebook, it will suck on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg can’t make your brand fascinating if it’s not.  No one can. In fact, if your brand is boring, social media will only amplify …