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Our Top 10 Posts for 2012

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By Doug Stephens 2012 was an absolutely remarkable year in the retail industry. We saw the meteoric rise and cataclysmic fall of companies like Groupon.  We witnessed an unrelenting stream of mobile disruption, with increasing power and convenience placed in the hands of consumers.  We witnessed online retail giants expand their realms and incumbent giants …

The Third Shelf

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By Doug Stephens There have always been two “shelves” in retail. The first can be found in the retail store and is where the product is most often evaluated and ultimately purchased. The second shelf is in the consumer’s home and is where trial usage takes place and with any luck, loyalty and advocacy built.  …

The Future of Retail: The Destination is You

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By Doug Stephens Since the time of the Roman Empire, retail as a concept, has been about destinations. Whether a small specialty shop, a department store or a website, retail has always meant going somewhere to get something. As retail has evolved over the centuries, each new type of destination has delivered an increased level …

Spend Shift and the new era of consumerism

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By Doug Stephens The economic recovery in North America has been anything but easy but according to best selling author, John Gerzema, the end result may not be entirely bad.   I talked with John about his latest book, Spend Shift: How the Post-Crisis Values Revolution is Changing the Way We Buy, Sell and Live. It chronicles …

Has Augmented Reality (Finally) Come of Age

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By Doug Stephens It’s been almost a year ago that I spoke with Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, one of the co-founders of Layar and a pioneer in the development of augmented reality or “A/R” applications.  At that time we were discussing the potential for a battle between brands over virtual real estate as companies awaken to the …

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