Retail And The Economics Of Boredom

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By Doug Stephens Today’s retailers face a tsunami of problems but none, in my opinion is more deadly than the pandemic of sheer consumer boredom that shoppers are being subjected to. Most retail is just painfully boring. In fact, the majority of store chains, malls and shopping centers have become beacons of boredom, monuments to mediocrity …

Retailing Through The Trough Of Disillusionment

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By Doug Stephens It seemed that just a year or two ago the retail world was bracing for technology to turn it on its head. From augmented and virtual reality to 3D printing and beacons, the industry seemed set for a complete reinvention at the hands of these (and other) breakthrough technologies. Even omnichannel retail, …

Trend Forecasts Are Trending. And That’s A Problem.

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By Doug Stephens Suppose for a moment there’s an asteroid heading for earth. You’d likely want to know a few things. How big is it, how likely is it to impact the planet and if it does, how much devastation will it cause? Fortunately for us, NASA tracks exactly this sort of information in excruciating …

The Future Of Retail Might Get Under Your Skin

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    By Doug Stephens Early this year the staff at Epicenter, a Stockholm based high-tech company, were given a choice; they could either be issued a standard employee ID card for access to the building and office equipment, or they could be injected with a tiny radio frequency identification device, placed just under the …

There’s No Such Thing As A Digital Experience

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By Doug Stephens       When you drive your car to work are you enjoying a combustion engine propulsion experience or simply driving your car? When you do your laundry are you reveling in a hydroelectrically agitated emulsification experience or simply cleaning your clothes? When you watch TV, is that a light emitting diode …

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