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Posted March 29, 2009
Posted in Green

The green movement has arrived and it’s here to stay. If this recession has taught us anything, green retailingit’s that things that are fundamentally unsustainable, like toxic mortgage derivatives for example, eventually collapse and when they do, they cause enormous and in some cases irreparable damage. So, the broad learning is that business must adopt a sustainable approach to growth, not just financially but also environmentally.
Beyond the obvious positives for the environment, the good news for independent retailers is that greentailing is an area where they can not only compete but can even exceed larger competitors. After all it’s easier to manage green behaviors and environmental impact on a 1-2 store basis than it might be at a 1000-2000 store chain right?

So, if you haven’t already started, it’s time to educate yourself on what the green economy is and what it means to your business.


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