There’s No Such Thing As A Digital Experience

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By Doug Stephens       When you drive your car to work are you enjoying a combustion engine propulsion experience or simply driving your car? When you do your laundry are you reveling in a hydroelectrically agitated emulsification experience or simply cleaning your clothes? When you watch TV, is that a light emitting diode …

Welcome To The Replenishment Economy

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By Doug Stephens In 2009 Procter & Gamble began briefing its agencies on, what was at the time, a completely different and somewhat radical marketing strategy. They called it “store-back”.  Put simply, store-back was the belief that if a marketing idea of any kind couldn’t translate to, and be effective in the store, it simply …

The Future Of Brands In A One-Touch World

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                            By Doug Stephens   Only a short time ago, the value that brands provided to consumers was chiefly two things – familiarity and consistency. Shoppers had so little access to objective information about products and services that, amid a field of …

Our Top 5 Posts of 2014

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By Doug Stephens 2014 was yet another remarkable year for the retail industry.  Big box players like Target and Walmart continued the frantic search for their now-elusive mojo.  A growing number of pure play online retailers like Birchbox continued their materialization in the physical world, opening permanent brick and mortar locations.  Amazon captured our imaginations …

The Future of Retail In The Age of Abundance

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By Doug Stephens In an astonishingly short period of time (about two decades), the developed world has evolved from a scarcity-based retail economy to one of unimaginable abundance.  Consider that it wasn’t so long ago that consumers, lacking any other means of access, depended entirely on retailers for information on, and access to, new brands …

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