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The Real Challenge With Big Data

Posted October 31, 2013
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By Doug Stephens It’s hard (read impossible) to go a day without hearing that big data is poised to revolutionize business.  The speed, volume and variety of data now available at our fingertips, holds incredible promise for companies in all …


The Loyalty Lie

Posted August 29, 2013
Posted in Behavioral Marketing, Blog, Branding, Customer Service, Loyalty, Strategy, Trends

By Doug Stephens Loyalty is an increasingly fleeting thing.  In fact, the average Gen Y mother now defines “brand loyalty” as a window of allegiance lasting 6-12 months before she moves on to explore alternatives.  And suffice to say, there …


The Third Shelf

Posted June 14, 2012
Posted in Behavioral Marketing, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Store Experience, Technology, The Future, Trends, Uncategorized

By Doug Stephens There have always been two “shelves” in retail. The first can be found in the retail store and is where the product is most often evaluated and ultimately purchased. The second shelf is in the consumer’s home …


F-Commerce Didn't Fail. Advertising Did.

Posted February 23, 2012
Posted in Advertising, Behavioral Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Strategy, Technology, Trends

By Doug Stephens Bloomberg recently suggested that F-Commerce (as it’s come to be known) has been failure.   They pointed to retailers like GAP and JCPenney beating a path out of Facebook, citing their disappointing results.One Forrester researcher was quoted …


Mobile Reality Check

Posted June 6, 2011
Posted in Advertising, Behavioral Marketing, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Social Media, Technology, The Future, Trends

Many of the headlines we read would have us believe that consumers are running rampant, begging for opportunities to browse, shop and even transact retail purchases on their mobile devices.  While there’s no question that mobile commerce and payment are …