Discovery Is Dying And Data Is The Disease

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By Doug Stephens   I, like you, don’t actually see everything my friends are posting on Facebook.  Instead, I see only what Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm deems should be most relevant to me, based on my activity. Similarly, eBay and Amazon deliver product recommendations to my inbox, based largely on things I’ve viewed and bought in …

If Our Data Is Currency, Who’s The Bank?

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By Doug Stephens If our data is currency, who’s the bank? It’s a question that every brand and retailer should be giving serious thought to.  Those who don’t may soon find themselves on the outside looking in at a data-centric economy that has moved on without them.   But before we get to that, I …

The Real Challenge With Big Data

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By Doug Stephens It’s hard (read impossible) to go a day without hearing that big data is poised to revolutionize business.  The speed, volume and variety of data now available at our fingertips, holds incredible promise for companies in all categories. For the average marketer, big data must seem like a giant catapult being rolled …

Wanamaker’s Illusion And The Age of Dynamic Pricing

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By Doug Stephens It is said that the first version of the modern price tag originated in the mid-1800’s at Oak Hall, the department store of Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker.  Up to that point, retail pricing had largely been a matter of negotiation and haggling.  Customers often paid a different price for identical items based …

The Future In Store: Episode #2

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Welcome to episode 2 of The Future In Store! This week we explore “the sharing economy” with NeighborGoods, look through GoogleGlass at Fancy and visit the eBay Commerce Innovation Center to see the future of the concession stand. Then Amber shows us Nordstrom’s new experiment with Pinterest and Doug checks out the world of offline …

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