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Advisory Services

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Retail Prophet advises some of the world’s most respected brands in the exploration, imagination and articulation of cutting edge strategies.  Our work runs the gamut from high-level executive sessions that rapidly expand and accelerate organizational understanding, all the way to preparing agency teams for very specific client pitches. Our advisory services clients include Fortune 500 brands, major retail chains, manufacturers, leading global marketing agencies, trade associations and government as well as some progressive small and medium sized businesses. With up to the minute research and foresight, we will make sense of the chaos for you.


Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Customer experience and store design: In a world of one-click satisfaction and product proliferation, consumers increasingly don’t need what you sell. But they do need how you sell it. Customer experience is what truly sets one brand apart from another.  We help brands research, design, map and execute remarkable customer experiences that differentiate them from their competitors.  Brand positioning, marketing, technology, packaging, merchandising, customer service, store design and more, are all examined as part of an elegantly engineered and extraordinary customer experience.
  • Strategy development: If you’re company’s go-to-market strategy feels perfectly comfortable, it’s also probably not very innovative.  In fact, it might be indiscernible from your competitor’s. That’s why we assist organizations in conceiving holistic, authentic and game-changing strategies that fuel innovation and growth. Whether the challenge is developing new products and services, opening new markets and channels or simply reaching new customers, we push organizations to innovate beyond incremental, me-too strategies and venture into the exponential.
  • Executive coaching & think tanks: We hate brainstorming too.  But we love harnessing the intellectual horsepower of senior executives and entrepreneurs.  Our unique individual and group sessions will open new areas of creativity, innovation and organizational opportunity through a structure of focussed research, insight and conversation.  Put simply; we will push your team to think differently.
  • Customized research: Sometimes the help your company needs doesn’t fit neatly into any one description or service.  We welcome customized project work that addresses your organizations unique needs, categories or business challenges.

Retail Prophet is also a proud member of  The Futures Agency – a global think tank of multi-disciplinary futurists, providing us with a unique level of global foresight, awareness and intelligence.

For more information about our advisory services, contact us.