November 2014

The Robots Are Coming. And They Mean Business.

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  By Doug Stephens In my 2013 post, Ten Trends to Watch for in 2014, I said this would be the year we would hear much more about technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics and their potential to replace retail service workers.  So, it came as little surprise that U.S. home improvement chain Lowe’s …

Amazon Is Going To War With Walmart On Price. But Is It A Battle Either Can Afford To Win?


By Doug Stephens Amazon has begun making some very aggressive price moves in the grocery and consumer packaged goods categories, showing its clear intentions to hit Walmart where they live and breathe.  So, why are the stakes so high for Amazon in these categories? And can Walmart, whose sales and profits are already lagging, afford …

Thriving In The Golden Age Of Retail

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By Doug Stephens While I was in Iceland earlier this year I shared some thoughts on the future of retail and on the characteristics and competencies of those companies who, in my opinion, will be suited to thrive in it. Gone are the days when industrial might and deep pockets guaranteed a company’s long-term success. …

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