October 2013

The Real Challenge With Big Data

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By Doug Stephens It’s hard (read impossible) to go a day without hearing that big data is poised to revolutionize business.  The speed, volume and variety of data now available at our fingertips, holds incredible promise for companies in all categories. For the average marketer, big data must seem like a giant catapult being rolled …

Wanamaker’s Illusion And The Age of Dynamic Pricing

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By Doug Stephens It is said that the first version of the modern price tag originated in the mid-1800’s at Oak Hall, the department store of Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker.  Up to that point, retail pricing had largely been a matter of negotiation and haggling.  Customers often paid a different price for identical items based …

Obsession and Conflict: The Essence of Extraordinary Brands


By Doug Stephens My friend Eric Garland a.k.a. @ericgarland recently tweeted,   “We encourage work-life balance but we reward obsession.”    So true, I thought.  In fact, I’d been thinking about obsession and society’s fascination with it quite a bit myself.  Indeed, if you look closely at many of the people, events and things that …

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