April 2013

PODCAST: Why Mobile is Vital to the Future of Retail

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By Doug Stephens If the web is the gasoline fuelling a new era of retail, then mobile is the flame that is set to completely ignite it! Not only is mobile accelerating age-old consumer behaviors and patterns, it’s also creating completely new ones.  In all the disruption, the question on everyone’s mind is, in a …

The Store Is Media And Media Is The Store

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By Doug Stephens There’s a dramatic and strangely under-editorialized reality taking shape in retail.  One that seems to be eluding even some of the industry’s most sophisticated retailers and brands. It’s that until very recently the primary function, form and purpose of retail stores was to distribute products. Stores were the principle and in many …

Doug Discusses Retailer Earnings Reports

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Is It Time To Let JCPenney Die?

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By Doug Stephens Ron Johnson is out and Mike Ullman is (back) in, and now the debate will begin anew over whether JCPenney can be saved.  There will be those who believe that Ullman is just the dose of status quo that Penney needs to restore the company to order.  Others will see the return …

What Exactly Do You Sell?

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By Doug Stephens       Here’s an incredibly simple test to see just how future-ready your business is. Try answering the following question. What exactly does your business sell?    Seems like an easy enough question.  But if you’re like most businesses, your answer led you to a description of a particular product or …

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