November 2011

The Problem With Mobile Wallet No One is Talking About

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By Doug Stephens If you own a credit card, it’s entirely possible that you’ve run into situations where your card won’t work.  Maybe your credit limit was exceeded, your mag stripe lost its mojo or maybe the entire payment network was just temporarily down.  Whatever the case, they’re not pleasant situations but can usually be …

The Manufacture it Yourself Economy

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By Doug Stephens Technology has given rise to a steady evolution whereby consumers are increasingly becoming producers. Music, publishing, printing, design, software development, and video are only a few of the areas that have been touched by this rapid transformation.   With it has come massive economic disruption as entire industries, like the printing industry …

How Google Street View Might Open the E-Com Door for Small Retail

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By Doug Stephens If you use Google maps, then you’re probably familiar with Street View.  As the name suggests, Street View allows users to literally fly down to street level and have a 360-degree look around. In April of this year Google began expanding the concept to include 360-degree photography of interior business spaces within …

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