October 2011

Social Media Doesn’t Suck (But Your Marketing Might)

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By Doug Stephens Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read at least one article that debates the inherent value of social media.  The marketing community continues to hunt for the illusive equation that will neatly equate a brand fan or follower to sales.  One article I saw recently actually suggested we go to …

How Not to Survive the Future

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By Doug Stephens Today I came across this ad from the United States Postal Service.  They’ve adopted a self-preservation strategy that attempts to convince us that snail-mail’s low tech nature is actually preferable to digital communication because it offers protection from viruses and hackers. “An online virus has never attacked a cork board.” the voiceover …

The Future of Retail: The Destination is You

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By Doug Stephens Since the time of the Roman Empire, retail as a concept, has been about destinations. Whether a small specialty shop, a department store or a website, retail has always meant going somewhere to get something. As retail has evolved over the centuries, each new type of destination has delivered an increased level …

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