September 2011

Why Facebook’s New “Timeline” Could Change Retail Forever

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By Doug Stephens At today’s F8 Conference in San Francisco, Facebook announced a complete overhaul to the user profile page with the advent of what it’s calling “timeline”.  Fast Company’s E.B Boyd characterized timeline as “a scrapbook on steroids” of the user’s life. Events, relationships, photos and video will populate an individual’s timeline, creating a …

The Declining Need for and Escalating Value of Human Service

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By Doug Stephens Technology has been steadily reducing the number of human service interactions we require in an average day. For at least the last decade, the list of what we as consumers can do for ourselves is growing rapidly.   Between kiosks, web based solutions and mobile apps, most routine customer service functions (product knowledge, …

Spend Shift and the new era of consumerism

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By Doug Stephens The economic recovery in North America has been anything but easy but according to best selling author, John Gerzema, the end result may not be entirely bad.   I talked with John about his latest book, Spend Shift: How the Post-Crisis Values Revolution is Changing the Way We Buy, Sell and Live. It chronicles …

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