June 2011

Avoiding Your Napster Moment

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In a previous post I talked about how companies are often blind-sided by what I call Napster moments.  Napster moments are radical, game-changing innovations that can throw businesses and even entire industries, into oblivion. I also promised a list of things, that from my experience and research, companies should do to reduce the odds of …

Mobile Reality Check Part 2: Mobile Payment

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In this segment, I’m once again joined by Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile who offers an expert perspective on mobile payment technology.  We explore the players, the opportunity and some of the issues Gary believes could limit the pace of adoption in North America. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi2k1_aPut4[/youtube]

Is There a Viable Mobile Carrier Option Emerging?

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By Michael P. Russell With the increased transition to and adoption of smartphones, the mobile ecosystem remains to be a very interesting space, with new and exciting opportunities continuing to present themselves.  This evolution however still seems to an extent restrained in the US by what most consider the major players, the carriers.  The US …

Taking Search Right to the Shelf

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If you’ve ever searched for a product on your mobile device that you wanted to find and buy right away, you know what you mostly get back are a mix of results, many of which are for online sellers who may or may not even have what you’re looking for.  What you don’t currently get …

Why Ron Johnson’s New Job With JC Penney Has Nothing To Do With Retail

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By Doug Stephens It was announced today that former Apple Store visionary Ron Johnson was given the helm of JC Penney.  Among other achievements, Johnson is credited with coming up with the concept of Apple’s now famous Genius Bar. There was a palpable excitement as news of the appointment spread over Twitter, and many in …

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