May 2011

Note to Macy’s: You Are the Company You Keep

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By Doug Stephens Retail is in a state of historic upheaval and nowhere is this more evident than in the department store channel.  Virtually every major department store chain is experimenting with initiatives, strategies and tactics to find some light in what has become the very dark tunnel of the current retail market. This week …

Guy Kawasaki on Enchantment in Retail


By Doug Stephens I caught up with author, speaker and investor Guy Kawasaki to discuss his new book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions. Specifically, I was interested to explore how retail brands can move beyond engagement to the realm of “enchantment” that Guy describes. And with e-commerce growth outpacing brick and …

Is “America-Washing” the Next Big Thing?


By Doug Stephens Walmart CEO Mike Duke surprised analysts this week by announcing that the majority of the products the retailer sells are made in the United States.  The accuracy of the statement is questionable at best, leaving many analysts incredulous.  But the bigger question is whether this sort of declaration is indicative of a …

The Napster Moment

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By Doug Stephens In 1999, a teenager and a relatively simple piece of technology rocked the music industry.   The teen was Shawn Fanning, the technology was P2P file sharing, the phenomenon was Napster and it changed the music industry forever. Developed over a summer by Fanning and his uncle, Napster allowed users to digitally upload …

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