March 2011

Luxury Isn’t Social

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By Doug Stephens I’ve read a number of articles recently commenting on the conspicuous lack of social marketing in the luxury sector.  While it’s also true that participation in social media among luxury brands has grown, the fact remains that the general level of activity has been low – especially considering the fervor around social …

Social Media Can’t Save You!

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By Doug Stephens There’s an epidemic taking place. Brands big and small are rushing into social media.   In many cases, several months down the road they find themselves disappointed with the results and disenchanted with social media in general. Case in point: I was recently speaking at a conference to a full auditorium of marketers.  …

What’s In-Store for the Future?

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By Doug Stephens There’s an ongoing debate about the viability of “bricks and mortar” retail in a digital world.  With online and mobile commerce growing at a double-digit pace and physical stores lagging far behind, how long will it be before clicks overtake bricks?  Some extremists predict an almost complete eradication of physical stores. While …

Simplify or Die


By Doug Stephens Is your business or industry model unnecessarily complex?  If not, you’re lucky.  If so, read on. I sometimes hear executives point to specific industry nuances and idiosyncrasies as reasons why they feel it would be difficult for an upstart competitor or technology to replace them. They not only tolerate but in some …

The Hyper-Connected Consumer

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By Doug Stephens I had a chance recently to speak with Lori Schafer and Bernie Brennan, authors of the book Branded! How Retailers Engage Consumers with Social Media and Mobility.  The book provides a great case by case viewpoint of what brands are doing to connect with consumers on digital platforms and where they’re finding the greatest …

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