January 2011

The Enduring Allure of the Secret Handshake

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By Doug Stephens The world is an increasingly inclusive place and as a society, we’ve grown to expect equal and open access to just about everything.  Facebook has become the ultimate online commune.  Anyone can jump on a Groupon deal.  There are no requisites to joining Foursquare, Flickr or almost any other web based social …

The Customer in Control: Mobile Self-Check Out

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One of the hottest topics at the 2011 National Retail Federation Conference was that consumers are increasingly using brick and mortar stores as mere showrooms to view products before buying online.  Furthermore, in a growing percentage of cases, these online purchases are being made right from the aisle of the physical store. In this segment …

Can Hudson’s Bay Rise From Zellers’ Ashes?

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By Doug Stephens In many ways, this week’s acquisition of Canada’s long-floundering Zellers chain is symbolic of the conditions that so many North American retailers face.  Once the default down-market destination for Canadian shoppers, Zellers found itself backed into the middle when Wal-Mart arrived in Canada in 1994.  Losing any distinct or own-able position in the …

NRF 2011: The Real Show is Off Broadway

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By Doug Stephens If you’ve never attended the National Retail Federation conference in New York it’s truly a unique experience.  A three day retail-a-thon, where delegates from around the globe gather to trade ideas, concepts and technologies to keep up (or at least try to keep up) with the rapidly evolving consumer. But just as …

What’s That Buzzing Sound?

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By Doug Stephens Blogging live from the National Retail Federation conference in New York This morning I attended one of the opening super sessions of the day, entitled Making the Retail Business Dynamic.  As it turned out, I was seated in the press balcony and had a clear view of both the stage and the …

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