August 2010

YOU ARE HERE…Whether You Like It Or Not

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By Doug Stephens A recent study by Forrester Research concluded that while location-based services (LBS) such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt are intriguing, they are still too small for major marketers to spend much time on.  Location-based services allow users to not only share their physical location with others but also to gather and receive …

If You Knew What Tomorrow Looked Like


What if it all STARTS with the purchase?

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Traditional marketing theory tells us that the purchase is the successful outcome of consumer-directed messages that create awareness which begets interest, desire, and action. But
what happens when that is wrong?

The Problem With What You Do Best


By Doug Stephens One of the first lessons I was taught in marketing was that when times were tough and sales were hard to come by, smart companies focussed on their core business.  They didn’t chase unproven concepts and ideas or explore unfamiliar ground.  Rather, they drilled even further into their primary occupation.  They “stuck …

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