December 2009

Dream Big

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By Doug Stephens For our final blog post of 2009, I wanted to share something different.  Something that I hope might help rocket you into the New Year with a renewed sense of optimism and excitement for the future.  To that end, I’ve included a video that documents Virgin Atlantic’s recent venture into sub-orbital space travel.  …

How Consumers Killed Customer Service

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By Doug Stephens A recent Brandweek article titled “Retail Customer Service Stinks” reported that the service received by shoppers in over 1000 retail interactions in the study rated 48.2 out of a possible 100 points – a flunking grade. The study, conducted by the research firm The Salt and Pepper Group, examined retail interactions in 73 stores over a …

Luxury Retailers Hit the Panic Button


By Doug Stephens As the recession drags on, it’s become clear that few in the retail sector are being spared its wrath. In separate stories this week, New York icon Saks Fifth Avenue and super-luxe retailer Neiman Marcus conceded to just how bad the situation has become.  With both chains bleeding double-digit sales and profit …

Be Small, Think Big and Get Ready

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By Doug  Stephens I subscribe to Chris Anderson’s point of view.   We truly are entering the golden age of small business.  And while Anderson says “It might not feel that way to a lot of small businesses”, there are enough clear signs to suggest that the landscape is dramatically changing. Being a small retailer will …

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