September 2009

The Courage to Let Go

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Real and lasting change can only take place when we let go of our long-held beliefs and paradigms. But this is easier said than done and in fact, in many cases the very people who are responsible for leading change are the least willing to let go of the past.

It’s A Numbers Game: An Inteview with Ken Gronbach

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We are in the midst of the most significant demographic shifts in the history of the world but are marketers taking it seriously? For those that are, what are the pitfalls, misconceptions and paradigms that can interfere with their ability to execute?

I caught up with Ken Gronbach, author of the acclaimed book The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm, to find out.

Why Smart People Ignore The Future

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History is littered with examples of smart people ignoring future trends. Politicians, military figures, trade associations and certainly businesses have all at one time or another, not only failed to see the writing on the wall… they didn’t even look for it.

The Road To Remarkable: 10 Steps to Standing Out


It’s never been more important for retailers to be remarkable and yet few really are. For many, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary rests in their ability to innovate beyond their current concept. Then and only then do they stand a chance of being remarkable.

Here, we follow a creative framework to unlock possible means of differentiating.

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