August 2009

It’s Not About The Widget!


What makes great retailers great? Not their widgets…that’s for sure.

Help Me Do The Right Thing!


By Doug Stephens You’ve likely seen the relentless stream of news articles and blogs lately touting the “new consumer mindset”.  Terms like “post-consumerism”, “belt-tightening”, “frugal chic” and other catchy slogans are being used to put a handle on sluggish consumer activity.  It seems that if we can sum up a problem with a snappy catchphrase …

Your Customers Are Not Fortune Tellers


Basing your store’s future and long-term strategy based on what your customers thinks today is perilous. The customer is not a link to the future – they’re a link to the past and present only. It’s up to you to determine the future for them.

7 Years for 7 Reasons: The Decline of the Power Center


From its inception as a commercial real estate concept in the 1980’s, the long-term viability of the power center has been a topic of running debate. Many have wondered how something so aesthetically displeasing could possibly survive the test of time. And while they may be ugly, the decline of the power center will have much less to do with aesthetics and much more to do with powerful social and economic forces beyond their walls.

The Tyranny of Selection: How Much is Too Much?


How much is too much? When does choice become a burden instead of a benefit and how can retailers help customers find solutions that are personalized, while simplifying the decision making process. In this exclusive article preview, Dr. Kyle Murray examines the issues facing consumers and retailers alike as they navigate an ever deepening sea of products and services.

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