July 2009

3 Big Ideas for Business Sustainability


The final installment in our live blog series from the Summer Institute in Sustainability 2009 at the University of British Columbia.

Business Case Be Damned!


Businesses routinely make decisions without adequate research or planning. Why is then that we need exhaustive business cases for sustainability plans in our businesses? Justin K. Lacey opens the question up in this live report from the Summer Institute in Sustainability conference.

Does Sustainability need its own Marlboro Man?


Does the green movement needs a champion, a brand icon of sorts? Does sustainability need it’s own Marlboro man? Guest blogger Justin Lacey explores the need for a larger than life symbol for sustainability in this the third part of our five part series.

Sustainability is the Business Challenge for the 21st Century


How can the leaders of small businesses define sustainability in a meaningful way? How can it be incorporated into the strategy of the business so that every employee can contribute? Justin K. Lacey founder of Walk Softly Communications and friend of Retail Prophet brings this report from the Summer in Sustainability conference from the University of British Columbia.

Sustainability: The Big Difference Small Business Can Make


The first in week-long series of live blogs from the Summer Institute in Sustainability; a week-long, intensive conference on sustainability for business leaders.

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