June 2009

5 Ways to Avoid an Anti-Social Media Campaign

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When improperly approached, social media can be a lot like a bullhorn. Some companies and individuals, see social media as a means of amplifying their voice above the crowd and interrupting the dialogue only to further their own agenda. The results are often negative.
Here are 5 tips to ensure your social media campaign doesn’t become anti-social.

The Future Hates Mediocrity

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I was reminded recently of a really good book I read several years ago called Going Shopping by Ann Satterthwaite, a city planner from Washington D.C. It’s an historical account of shopping formats through the ages- an archaeological dig, so to speak, into the evolution of retail. It’s fascinating to see how and why certain forms …

No Time For Branding?


There are those that believe that a recession is no place for branding activity. They maintain that in tough times, businesses should focus on sales. But are sales and branding really mutually exclusive activities?

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